Here’s how it all began.

As a southern gentleman, I have always enjoyed a relaxing drink with my lovely wife, Tina, at the end of the day. What we southerners call an evening “toddy” (and my particular favorite) is a good vodka on the rocks. Unfortunately, we were often disappointed in the quality of what were supposedly superior brands of liquor and the need to mask them with mixers and other ingredients. That’s why we began our journey to create what we could truly call the finest vodka in the world.

Fueled by my passion, Tina and I became obsessed with learning everything we could about the industry and understanding exactly what it takes to make a truly superior vodka. We wanted to “set the new standard in vodka” by creating a brand that would be the finest you could buy, but at an affordable price. What we discovered was that the true heart of any vodka lies in the water and sugar sources from which it’s made and the masterful infusion of a few key ingredients.

Basically, better water = better vodka.

Once we understood our challenge, we worked with two of the leading master distillers in the industry, in the United States and abroad, along with certified mixologists and chemists to test the best possible water sources, sugar sources and blend of ingredients. Together, we arrived at the crucial mix of ultra-fine cane sugar, combined with Alaskan glacial and Rocky Mountain Spring water and a mix of proprietary ingredients, to create the perfect vodka.

While we’re not going to give away trade secrets on exactly what goes into KVELL, we will let you know that we’re fully invested in creating the finest vodka on earth and bringing it to you at an affordable price. We think that once you taste it, you’ll agree that at KVELL, “we set the new standard in vodka.”

I know I do my best thinking while enjoying KVELL vodka. We hope you will give our vodkas a try, straight, on the rocks or in your favorite drink, and tell us about your experience. And remember, always drink responsibly.


Worth & Tina
KVELL Holdings, Inc.

P.S. Tina really loves rum, so next, we’re going to turn the rum industry on its head by creating the best rum you have ever tasted at a reasonable price. Follow us on social media to see when our new rum comes to your area.

Worth & Tina Mitchell, Founders
Once you taste our vodka, we think you’ll agree that at KVELL, “We set the new standard in vodka.”
Worth & Tina Mitchell, Founders

What makes KVELL the finest vodka in the world?

Worth Mitchell, Founder
Worth Mitchell
Founder & Chairman
Tina Mitchell, Founder
Tina Gray Mitchell
President & COO